Get pain relief and improved function with Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, hyaluronic acid injections and other nonsurgical treatments for sports injuries from Janssen Orthopedics.

non surgial solutionsWhile most people come to Janssen Orthopedics for our advanced surgical care, some injuries respond well to nonsurgical treatment. Depending on your specific injury and your goals, you may get the results you need from a combination of nonsurgical treatments, including:

PRP, or Platelet-rich plasma therapy & biologics, for knee, shoulder, elbow and other sports injuries – These are among the most exciting treatments for improving muscle or other soft-tissue pain that doesn’t respond to medication or physical therapy.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma, known as PRP,  is retrieved from the patient’s own blood and injected into the damaged tissue or joint. The platelets contain growth factors that have the potential to help immature cells differentiate into cells that can help heal specific damaged tissue. Since this is the patient’s own tissue there is no significant chance of side affects or reaction. Click here to watch Dr. Janssen perform a PRP injection.

This procedure is performed in the office and has been shown to speed healing and decrease pain and inflammation for people with:

  • Chronic tendonitis, especially in the knee or elbow
  • Ligament & muscle injuries
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee

If you are interested in receiving more information on PRP, please contact our office at 256-881-5151 and ask for Dr. Janssen’s team.

Physical therapy

After surgery and as part of some nonsurgical treatment plans, physical therapy helps increase function and mobility, rebuild strength and decrease downtime after a knee or shoulder injury. Our physical therapy team works under the close direction of Dr. Janssen and offers you the knowledgeable, experienced and well-qualified care that helps you meet your personal goals.

We have offices in Huntsville as well as Madison for your convenience.

Bracing and taping

These stabilize muscles and joints during the healing process after an injury and can sometimes be used to help you get back to practice or playing your favorite sport while you continue to heal. Our Brace Shop, located on the first floor of SportsMED, provides off-the-shelf as well as custom bracing options.

Hyaluronic acid injections

This naturally occurring substance is injected to lubricate bones that have deteriorated from osteoarthritis. The Janssen Orthopedics team has done a consistently high volume of these treatments and reported its findings in a scientific research paper that was published a few years ago. A number of our patients choose this treatment while considering a total knee replacement.