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referring physiciansIf you have a patient with a sports injury or condition of the knee or shoulder, we encourage you to talk with board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Eric Janssen, MD.

While Dr. Janssen treats all types of sports injuries, and provides complete arthroscopic surgery, he is focused on resolving the most complex knee and shoulder problems with state-of-the-art surgical care, including:

  • ACL reconstruction, including the newest anatomic ACL reconstruction
  • The latest approaches in meniscus surgery
  • Total and partial knee replacement
  • Cartilage repair and transplantation
  • Rotator cuff repair and the GRAFTJACKET® procedure for large rotator cuff tears
  • Cartilage repair for labral tears or shoulder instability
  • Total shoulder replacement
  • Reverse total shoulder replacement, the latest option for people with severe rotator cuff or other shoulder problems

Resources for Referring Physicians

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Surgical videos
Our medical team enjoys sharing their expertise. For the past few years, they have been in the operating room and, with patient consent, filming certain procedures. Physicians, medical professionals and anyone who wants more detailed information can explore our collection of surgical videos through the following links.
PLEASE NOTE: These videos are graphic and show actual surgeries being performed by Dr. Janssen. They are interesting and informative but are not appropriate for everyone.

Referring physicians – if you’d like to know more about the techniques we use or if you want to discuss a case or refer a patient, please call our office at (256) 881-5151 or send us an email at:

Surgical videos:
ACL Reconstruction using a Hamstring Graft

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery ACL Reconstruction Using Double Bundle Technique

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Labral Repair with Reconstruction

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Rotator Cuff Repair