The latest in sports medicine from Huntsville shoulder and knee surgeon, Dr. Eric Janssen. At Janssen Orthopedics, we have a passion for innovation that’s at the core of all we do.

state of the art solutionsSurgically, we are performing the most advanced knee procedures, including partial and total knee replacements, cartilage regeneration and meniscal transplants, among many others. Learn more about our expertise in knee surgery.

For the shoulder, we perform the state-of-the-art GRAFTJACKET® procedure to repair large rotator cuff tears. We also perform a reverse total shoulder replacement, for people who need a new shoulder but have an irreparable rotator cuff tear or other specific problems with the shoulder muscles. Learn more about shoulder surgery at Janssen Orthopedics.

We perform the majority of our surgeries using a minimally invasive approach. This type of surgery is preferred for many joint surgeries because it is performed through much smaller incisions than those used with traditional surgical approaches. When your surgery is performed using one of these leading-edge techniques, you can generally expect a faster recovery, less postoperative pain and a smaller scar.

We also provide the most innovative nonsurgical options to resolve your unique knee or shoulder problem.