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Returning To Golf After Knee Replacement Surgery

Ralph Thompson provides his account of returning to a busy life on the golf course following knee replacement surgery.  Click on the photo to view his inspiring story.


Immediate Relief Following Meniscus Surgery.
“I injured my knee by trying to outrun a storm that was moving in.  That night, I started experiencing pain in my knee, especially after sitting for a while.  I sought help from Dr. Eric Janssen.  He repaired a meniscus tear and the very next morning, I was walking without pain, crutches, or a brace…and no pain medication.
Dr. Janssen was very comforting regarding the surgery and he has the best bedside manner.  I thank him for the great outcome and will always seek him first with orthopedic issues. Thank You, Dr. Janssen!”

J.E. Hopper
Huntsville, Alabama

Back to My Active Life after Shoulder Surgery.
“I am an active 46 year old.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother and lunchroom manager.  I live and work on a farm and fish and hunt as well.
In March 2012, my right shoulder started hurting.  I thought it might be a pulled muscle or something simple.  As time went on I realized it was too much pain for something simple.  I called Dr. Janssen.  He did surgery on my left shoulder 8 years earlier for bone spurs.
Through an MRI Dr. Janssen confirmed I had a torn labrum.  We chose surgery to repair it.  Dr. Janssen said it would take time and physical therapy to heal after he repaired it. BOY was he right! Dr. Janssen and his staff made me feel very comfortable about surgery.
I have to say I wondered if that shoulder would work again, but I am now back to enjoying being a wife, mother and grandmother.  I am back to working on the farm, canning, fishing and looking forward to hunting season, without pain.
Dr. Janssen, Nurse Cathy and staff, thank you for caring for your patients.”

L. Guerin
Paint Rock, Alabama

College Athlete – Playing Volleyball After Knee Injury.
“I was injured during a play in a volleyball match at Wallace State. I heard my knee crack and bending it was unbearable. After seeing Dr. Janssen, he understood that I wanted to keep playing and together we agreed therapy would help. So he let me play and I did the therapy he prescribed.
Spring season came around and my knee started acting up again so surgery was the way we went. Dr. Janssen and his team made me feel very comfortable about going into surgery and made sure everything was ready to go.
They continuously asked about volleyball and made sure my progress was right on schedule. I am blessed to have no pain when I participate in volleyball and working out and I could not thank Dr. Janssen enough for that.’

J. Coombs

Rotator Cuff Repair Repair.
“Dr. Janssen performed rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder…as of writing this, only seventeen days after surgery, I’m rapidly regaining use of my arm.  I’ve been actually driving my 5-speed for the last six days and will start my strengthening exercises in a couple of weeks.  The communication…has been great as evidenced by my rapid progress.”
Most Sincerely,
Ardmore, AL

Back to Playing Golf and Bowling After Knee & Shoulder Surgery.
“I would like to take this opportunity to describe my surgical experiences with Dr. Eric Janssen…I first met Dr. Janssen in 1999 when he diagnosed and repaired a serious rotator cuff injury in my right arm.  Thanks to his skills, I went from not being able to raise my arm beyond shoulder height to playing 18 holes of golf in less than six weeks.
When arthritis crippled my left knee in 2008, it should be no surprise that I again asked Dr. Janssen for help.  He performed a total joint replacement with the same excellent results as before.  Late last year I asked him to perform the same surgery on my other knee, which had also succumbed to arthritis.  I can now play golf and bowl pain free for the first time in years.”

Huntsville, AL

High School Football Player.
“I am a student at Grissom High School and a member of the varsity football team.  During the first game of the 2010 season, I injured my knee.  When Dr. Janssen checked me on the field…I knew something was seriously wrong.  After my MRI, I learned I had torn my ACL.  I spoke with Dr. Janssen about the possibility of playing the rest of the season.  He told me that he recommended I get it fixed and be ready for the next year.
Everybody on Dr. Janssen’s team was so nice and gave me reassurance that things were going to be okay.  My surgery went extremely well.  I had surgery the beginning of the week and was at the game that Friday night. My recovery has been remarkable and 6 months later, I am able to begin spring training with my football team. I am so thankful to Dr. Janssen, the nurses, physical therapist, pharmacist and crutch and brace team for their love and care.”

Huntsville, AL

Student Athlete.
“Dear Dr. Janssen,
…thank you for your efforts to assist our football program this past fall.  On September 3, 2010, I had the great pleasure of meeting you and we briefly spoke at the Randolph vs. Brindlee Mountain football game.  On that night, one of our players, Bryan C., was injured.  You assisted him with a probable diagnosis and invited him to come to your clinic at SportsMED on the following day.  You assisted a second player that same evening. It is my understanding you provided additional assistance to Bryan C. after you left our campus.
Please know that I was impressed with the assistance that you provided both on the field and in your clinic.  I just wanted you to know your kindness and generosity was not lost upon me.
Best wishes for the continued future success with the student-athletes that are fortunate to benefit from your care and medical expertise. Thank you.”

Scant City, AL

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