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Why Does My Shoulder Hurt?

I recently presented a program for the employees of Intergraph here in Huntsville, Alabama. The program was a comprehensive look at various shoulder conditions, injuries and treatment options. The program can be found on Youtube. The presention is divided into 3 videos. Part 1 I started with a general explanation of shoulder anatomy, including tendons, […]

Growing Concern Over Concussions in High School Football

With football season well underway,  no injury is receiving more attention than concussions. Covering the sidelines on Friday nights, I have already treated a football player with a concussion. Receiving press prior to last week’s Alabama vs. Arkansas game was the question…Would Tyler Wilson, Arkansas quarterboack,  be able to return after a concussion a week […]

Elise Morgan & WHNT Feature Local Cancer Survivors

Elise Morgan, with our local CBS affiliate, recently sat down and spoke with my famiily and me about our first hand experience with cancer. In December of 2010 I went to my primary care physician because of a mass in my neck. A biopsy confirmed it was cancer and we knew there was a primary tumor […]

Football Season and Injury Prevention

As football season opens this week, the number of related injuries will increase. We will see many of those here in the office. Our practice specializes in sports medicine and we have treated sports related injuries for over 20 years, but we want to help with injury prevention. I’m a member of the American Orthopaedic […]

Your Response Appreciated – Donations Needed

          Thanks to all of you for your kind words and comments. Due to the number of responses, it is difficult to respond individually, but I appreciate each and every one. The American Cancer Society has reopened the Summer Lights Celebration Donation center for a limited time. I hope you will […]